Being older with bad knees and Yes! heavier - to my surprise I had the best time of my life! Dustin not only was my instructor but we became life long friends. My wife found the right man for the right job and that is why I can say that it was the best birthday gift I could have had. Thanks Dustin, its great to get back in the water!
Dave Banks

Director & Cinematographer
I had my first lesson with Always Summer when I first started surfing.  It helped so much, I started surfing all over the world - Fiji, Costa Rica, Mexico.  Learning to surf is the best thing that ever happened to me!  Thanks!
Darin Tyler
Surfing in Fiji
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I successfully stood on my board for the first time with their help! I had two previous surf instructors, but I couldn't pop up and maintain standing whatsoever. My instructor was patient with me, placed me at the right spot in the wave, taught me to paddle hard, pop up and place my feet correctly on the board. My second lesson, I took the first wave and surfed it nearly to the beach - five other surfers at our break cheered for me! Always Summer is the best surf instruction out there and their instructors have become good friends of mine as well -- amazing people to know. 

Thank you Always Summer :)
Nancy Smith
Malibu, California
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